Grooming Salon in Los Angeles, CA.

Young man hand in hair — Men's salon services in Slauson Ave, LA
When you shop at Audacity Studio, not only will you see some of the very best professional and casual clothing in the Los Angeles area, but you will also be able to make use of the many additional services we provide in order to make sure you look your best. While you are here to update your style looks, simply stop by our grooming salon for everything including beard trims or haircuts, facial or mustache grooming, pedicures and manicures topped off with our hot towel service and exclusive colognes.
We are here to meet all of your barber needs. Our licensed and well-trained esthetician is available to meet with you and ensure that you leave well-groomed. No outfit is complete without help from our grooming services, which is why we provide such a wide selection of them. Book your appointment today and we'll have everything ready for your scheduled arrival. Our primary services include a haircut, hair trim, shave or mustache trim. However, you can further request our esthetician if you would like help with facials, men's skincare assessment or additional services that are available upon request.
Caucasian Casual Haircut — Men's salon services in Slauson Ave, LA
Men with Long hair style — Men's salon services in Slauson Ave, LA
We offer a huge assortment of men's skincare products to choose from. One of our very knowledgeable and highly trained skincare specialists will be willing and able to discuss all of your skincare needs in order to ensure that you leave our store with the right products. Each person who walks into our store has different needs when it comes to skincare, as everyone's skin is different. Our esthetician is able to accurately pinpoint what these individual needs are and will provide them for you. All of these services are available at our fully stocked men's salon and spa.

Men's Skincare 101

Most men don't understand what the phrase "mud on your face" really refers to. Once you learn the true benefits of mud masks and a wide variety of other beyond-soap-and-water facial cleansers, you will realize that your routine isn't complete without them. These masks and additional facial cleansers are essential to making sure that you look your best. When utilizing them, you will quickly discover that they make your face appear to be much cleaner, better looking and healthier. They moisturize your skin to ensure that it never appears oily. They even hide or reduce the appearance of those unsightly blemishes on your face that you just can't rid yourself of through any other method. Now is the time to start using oils. Once you receive a legitimate facial scrub, you'll never be wary of doing so again.
Caucasian Casual Haircut — Men's salon services in Slauson Ave, LA